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Below are some examples of production music in the styles of Cyberpunk, Trip Hop, Electronica, Video Game Soundtrack. 'Dystopian Machine' is a demo from the preset pack 'Cyberpunk Synths' commissioned by Arturia  for Pigments/V Collection aimed at producers of Industrial/IDM music. 


LAST EDEN is an experimental/drone/dark ambient solo project uniting a passion for ambient music, improvisation, and sound art using bespoke DIY microphones, cassette recorders, synthesizers, and an array of unusual performance methods, and tools, drawing from both the analog and digital realms

Live recorded set & video commissioned by Alternating Current, Dublin, 2021


I work predominantly with sound, with most of my commissions being for installations, film and theatre. I

have a keen interest in sonic architecture and temporal space, both of which I have explored through sound compositions and audio-visual installations, having examined a plethora of different subjectivities through the exploration of consciousness and human experience in a variety of multi-media projects.

My aim is for my work to reflect my methodologies, practice, and experimental recording techniques that are quintessential elements of my sound. 


Some of my pieces have been featured in exhibitions and broadcasts across Europe, America and Asia

"OUA (Osaka University of Arts) Electroacoustic Music Festival", OUA, Osaka, Japan; “Moving Bodies Festival 2019”, Turin, Italy; “Mostra Experimental Film Society”, Curitiba, Brazil; Limerick City Gallery of Art, Ireland; "Scene and Heard Festival", Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin, Ireland; "Soul Noir: Festival of the Dark Arts", Dublin and Kildare, Ireland; "Cork Film Festival", Cork, Ireland; Sonic Darts, London, UK; ClassiCAST Radio, San Francisco, USA, and more.


1. Anamnesis

Soundscape featured in:


2. Cosmic Rain 

Electronic composition/sound design for Short Film ‘Tin Can Orchestra’, 2015, Berlin, DE.


3. Fragments 

Sound Design for Short Film ‘Fragments’ by Chris O’Neill, premiered at Cork Film Festival 2018  and also screened internationally at “Moving Bodies Festival 2019”, Turin, IT, and “Mostra Experimental Film Society”, Curitiba, BR.


4. Fragments and Fluctuations

Soundscape composed in 2015 and installed at the Department of Music, University City Cork, Cork, IRL.


5. Incrementum 

Site specific sound composition for "Soul Noir: Festival of the Dark Arts", The piece is composed of field recordings captured in a derelict, 18th century building in the North of Dublin a few weeks before it hosted the first edition of Soul Noir (2017). Dublin, IRL.


6. Who Put Bella in The Whych Elm? 

Sound composition commissioned by Isabella Walsh for her homonymous exhibition. Limerick City Gallery of Art, Limerick, IRL.
Also featured as a sound installation at Soul Noir: Festival of The Dark Arts, Kildare, IRL 

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